Algae Farm

What it does

This experiment lets you grow algae.

What you need

  • A clear glass jar
  • Water from a lake, pond, or aquarium that needs cleaning
  • A pond plant from a lake, pond or pet store

What to do

  1. Put the water and the pond plant in the jar.
  2. Place the jar near a window that gets direct sunlight.
  3. Watch the jar every day for two weeks.

What it's all about

Algae grows in sunny, wet environments. As algae grows in your jar, the water will become greener and greener. There are about 30,000 different kinds of algae, and most of them are green because of a green pigment called chlorophyll. Plants use chlorophyll to produce their own food using sunlight.

Remember, be sure you have a parent, teacher, or other adult help you!