People and Environment lesson plans

Chain Reaction 7
People and Environment: Our Heat Habitat

The Ecology Explorers website provides a variety of lesson plans and other resources that can enhance the content in this issue. The following is a list of resources that are related to general topics and specific articles in the magazine.


Coupled Human-Natural Systems:
People and Their Environment
The Natural and Built Environment 

Urban heat island: 
Urban heat island complete unit 
Urban heat island graph exercise 


Story: "Hot in the City"
Lesson: Exploring Microclimates (land cover and climate) 
Lesson: Surface Temperatures in Microclimates 

Story: "How Heat Hurts"
Lesson: Heat Related Illness 

Story: "Paving the Way to a Cooler Future" 
Lesson: Mitigating the Urban Heat Island Through Engineering Design
student lessons
teacher guide
Slides: Sun and heat basics

Story: "The Coolest Hangouts" 
Lesson: Plants and Neighborhoods  
Lesson: Organisms in the Environment—“Plant Evapotranspiration” lessons  (includes “Desert Plant Adaptations” and “Water Use in Plants”)
Lesson: Evapotranspiration in the Urban Heat Island 

Story: "How to Catch a Wave"
Lesson: Surface Temperatures in Microclimates
Lesson: Predicting Temperature: Inferences About Thermal Images
Lesson: It's All About Image: Analyzing Thermal Images

Story: "Tale of a City" 
Lesson: Built and natural environment lessons (includes “Land Use Changes 1912-2000” and “Historical Aerial Photograph Interpretation”)

Story: "Picturing Heat"
Lesson: Photovoice 

Story: "Water Power"
Lesson: Watershed Walk
Lesson plan
Watershed slides