Testimonials from educators who use Chain Reaction in their classrooms

“Chain Reaction Magazine is a wonderful learning tool in both science and reading for my 8th grade students. The wonderful, interesting articles definitely make a difference in their perspective of the world around them. Thank you for sending them to our school.”

– Maria Cedeno, Creighton Elementary School, Phoenix, Arizona

“Our students respond well to the content of Chain Reaction Magazine. The up-to-date articles written by and about the research scientists are especially valuable tools for us to use in our curriculum. We try to emphasize reading in all content area and the articles are also great use for sources of critical thinking questions. Thank you for making such quality reading materials available to us.”

– A. Ruth Owens, NBCT – 8th grade science – DeLaura Middle School, Satellite Beach, Florida

“I am a science teacher in Puyallup, Washington. I learned about Chain Reaction Magazine last summer during a NASA sponsored field trip to Yellowstone National Park. I have the new issue but would like to receive sets of back issues, if possible. They are BEAUTIFUL magazines! My 5th graders love them. We did a lab on acids and bases this week after reading the article called “The Extreme Files.” What a great way to teach. Thank you.”

– Susan Armbruster, All Saints School, Puyallup, Washington

“Thank you so much for sending the packets of Chain Reaction Magazine for my students at Carl Hayden Community High School. You helped my students to pass the AIMS test. Your publication is so visual and informative. English is the second language for many of my students. Chain Reaction helped my students to increase their understanding of the Sonoran Desert as well as improve their language skills.”

– Dr. Rocio Chevalier, Carl Hayden Community High School, Phoenix, Arizona

“We really enjoy Chain Reaction Magazine. Can I get more copies for my students? We are on the San Carlos Reservation and have limited access to information of this caliber for our students. Thank you for the opportunity to enrich our students’ education. ”

– Debra Loyd, Excel Education – Peridot, Arizona

“I teach all the sciences fro a small, rural high school (Mogollon High School) up in Heber, Arizona. I have enjoyed your publication and have shared many articles with my students. We have very limited access to computers. I’ve thought about how excellent it would be to have multiple copies of Chain Reaction Magazine. Is it possible for me to get at least 12 copies of each issue. It would be a real boost to my teaching and would help facilitate the students’ overall connection of science topics to the “Real World.”

– Dave Engen, Mogollon High School, Heber, Arizona

“Chain Reaction Magazine flies out of our library like hotcakes. Please send more.”

– Carla Peterson, Youth Services Manager – Yuma County Library District, Yuma, Arizona

“I CHERISH my copies of Chain Reaction Magazine. They are of the greatest use in the classroom. I love them and my students love them. I love the format, covers, quality of production, and obviously, the information. Please keep them coming.”

– Sandi Baker, Earth Science Teacher – Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona

“Please include me as a subscriber to Chain Reaction. I am an instructional specialist in the Chandler Unified School District, focusing in the areas of math and science. The magazine is great! The color and formatting appeals to students and their teachers and the content is valuable and thought-provoking. And, best of all, it comes from ASU and has local references and contacts!”

– Beth Williams, Chandler, Arizona

“I am a fan of your magazine. I've used it many times in my science class. The only problem I have is that I have to share the magazines with other teachers. I would love to have my own class set.”

– Patricia Romero, Wakefield Middle School, Tucson, Arizona

“Thanks for Chain Reaction! It's a great publication! I'm taking it home to my 10 & 11-year-olds. It's great to see such an on-target effort.”

– Mary Beth Murrill, Science Writer/Mars Projects, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

“A teacher in my building recently received a class set of Chain Reaction. We are all very impressed. I would love to receive a class set for use in my 7th grade science classes.”

– Kristen McKinnon, Mount Elden Middle School, Flagstaff, Arizona

“I absolutely LOVE this publication Chain Reaction 3!!! I teach computers to middle schoolers who do a research project on Mars and inhabiting Mars. There doesn't seem to be much up-to-date information out there except what is on the Internet, and at times you must question the validity. I wanted to know if I could get more copies of this volume for them to use (and re-use)? Thanks so much!!”

– Michelle Tharp, Daytona Middle School, Lake Havasu, Arizona

“I just received my first copies of Chain Reaction. The magazine is awesome! My students are very excited to "dig in" to this year's issue. We are completing our study of arthropods (especially those of the Sonoran Desert) so this issue is perfect. I'll be teaching fifth grade next year and our focus is space and flight so I look forward to that as well. Thanks for such an outstanding learning opportunity for my students (and me)!”

– Anne Booth, MacArthur Elementary School, Mesa, Arizona

“Every time my students use Chain Reaction for a class project, or select it for their choice of free reading material, I utter a silent but heartfelt "thank you" to you for sending them to me out at Mesa Detention Center. By far, it remains one of the most popular supplemental texts in our room. It not only fills in beautifully when left with a few awkward moments at the end of an hour, but I can recommend it with confidence when the class is in the care of a substitute teacher.”

– Donna Quilici, Mesa Detention Center School, Mesa, Arizona

“Imagine my excitement receiving your magazines and discovering they will not only help my seventh grade son, but my fourth grade class as well. (OK, so you're probably a young man who is thinking, "Wow, this lady needs to get a life!") Seriously, the fourth grade is heavy into our Arthropod unit. The past two days, the children have been exploring characteristics and interesting facts about insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and myriapods. So much of your magazine fits our curriculum perfectly. My fellow fourth grade teachers and I had a good laugh when we realized how much excitement we were getting from browsing the magazine. It was definitely one of those, "You know you're old when......"moments.”

– Nancy Dudney, Valley Farms School, Hereford, Arizona

“I would LOVE to get classroom copies of Chain Reaction! I was first introduced to your magazine last fall at one of the workshops that the Mars Imagining Project puts on. They gave everyone who wanted one, a set of #3. I was very impressed with the content and the level at which it was written. I enjoyed reading it myself. Would it be possible for me to get class sets of editions 1 & 2 also? It is hard to find Science magazines that are at the eighth grade level Most are either way above or a bit too juvenile. I like to challenge my students.”

– Suzanne Maddock, Round Valley Middle School, Springerville, Arizona

“What a fun publication!! Our D.E.S.E.R.T. Project (NSF, LSC) team is providing an Inquiry Institute for our lead science teachers Aug 1-4. Would it be possible to have 200 copies to distribute and subscription sheets? We'll also direct them to your URL. Thanks for being a part of the greater science community which supports science education reform.”

– Sharyn V. Chesser, Coordinator, Science Resource Center, Tucson Unified School District

“I have just read volume two of Chain Reaction. It is a great magazine--for adults or children. Although a research oceanographer, I have always been interested in the desert, and I spend much of my vacation time observing the life in desert areas worldwide. Even so, I learned much interesting information from Chain Reaction. I am writing to ask whether it might be possible to place my grandchildren (three groups in NY, MO, and TX) on the mailing list for future issues of Chain Reaction. Also, I wonder whether it might be possible to get two additional copies of volumes one and two. Keep up the good work.”

– Worth D. Nowlin, Jr., Ph.D., Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University