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Chain Reaction is a science magazine/web site for students in grades 4-8, published by the Office of Research Communications at Arizona State University.

Chain Reaction explores scientific concepts using real research explained by working scientists. Our goal is to spark interest in science and higher education and to provide teachers with a high-quality resource.

Each printed issue of Chain Reaction is built around a topic that the Arizona Science Standards require students to study, and the articles reflect Arizona's standards for K-12 science education. Because students respond so well to it, teachers have found creative ways to incorporate Chain Reaction into other areas of their curriculum, such as language arts units.

Chain Reaction and its staff have earned national awards and recognition from education and communication associations as an outstanding publication for young readers.


Launched in 1998, Chain Reaction magazine is the first publication of its kind in the country. It is the brainchild of ASU Office of Research Communications Director Conrad J. Storad, an award-winning science writer and children's book author. In 2005, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano selected one of Storad's books, "Don't Call Me Pig," as part of her commitment to improve literacy. She gave a copy to all 90,000 first-graders in Arizona.

A Gift to Teachers

Chain Reaction is delivered free of charge to Arizona teachers and home school educators, as well as teachers across the country. Join our subscription list today!